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The basis for any successful construction project is a crucial process known as groundworks. This is where sub-surfaces for construction are prepared before the actual work begins. At Brandon Groundworks, we understand that our work is a key component in creating strong and stable buildings that will stand the test of time. That is how we have earned our reputation as one of the South East’s leading Groundworks contractors.


To guide us through the whole process, we have created a structured approach to project management which we have followed with all our clients over the 7 years we have been in business. We know that by following a structured and predictable process we are not only faster but we can also deliver consistently on time and on budget.

Here is a summary of the steps involved.

Our process begins with ground investigation because we know that every site’s situation is unique. So the first step is a ground investigation which helps us identify key issues of concern such as past land use, the stability of the ground in question and any underlying problems that may cause potential issues in the future


The second step is site clearance. Here, we clear the site and collect the topsoil, right from the footprint of the intended structure. After this, if necessary we level the land if it’s a sloping site. If such instances, we construct retaining walls that help create a level development platform.


The third step is structure and ground stabilization. This covers all the work below the underside of screed or in instances where there is no screed, the underside of the lowest floor finishes including damp-proof membrane together with relevant excavation and foundations (including walls and basements designed as  retaining walls).
As part of the process we also offer other services related to groundworks. They include the setting up of temporary or permanent drainage as well as other utility connections, and shaft sinking solutions or recommendations for complex sites.

Timeframes for Groundworks Projects

We understand that time is critical factor in any construction process so we make every effort to plan each project to allow you to hit your commitments in terms of timescales and cost.

But rest assured that our process is fast but doesn’t compromise on the quality of the work we provide.

Brandon Groundworks - A Professional Groundworks Contractor Covering London and the South East

If you’re an Architect or Surveyor and you have a construction project with a Groundworks requirement we’d love to hear from you. Contact us now to discover how we can help you deliver your project on time and on budget.